What's in a name and logo?

LB Body & Home's origins are within family, determination and heart. 

LB stands for our two boys L & B who challenge me, love me, and push me (sometimes to my limits!) each and every day. They have changed my perspective on life and what is truly important and I am forever grateful and blessed to be their mother.

The image of wheat in our logo pays homage to the ones that came before me (and we live in Kansas y'all! - albeit the Kansas City metro these days.) Hailing from early homesteaders of the Kansas Plains, I acknowledge and appreciate several of the skills they needed to thrive have now become my hobbies. The acts of planting the earth, creating, and DIYing are in my blood and bring me much joy. I am forever grateful and thankful to utilize these skills as a creative outlet and not as a means to survival as my ancestors once did.

My hope when you see our logo is you are reminded of a love of family, others and the earth. Thank you for stopping by.